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Yes We Can Print That                          

Welcome to Quickwitt . com! is operated by Jon Wittenberg in Alpharetta, Georgia (USA).  Jon has worked for companies such as BellSouth, Sprint and Rock-Tenn in accounting and finance capacities and has also prepared small business and individual income tax returns since the mid-1980's.   Jon takes his jobs seriously but doesn't take himself too seriously; that's how Quickwitt got its name. 

Quickwitt Marketing, Inc. is proud to be a franchisee of Minuteman Press International which now operates over 900 printing shops around the world! Even if you're satisfied with your current printer, a free quote on your stationery or other marketing materials will help you know if you're paying competitive prices. If your image is a bit stale, our excellent graphic artist can work with you to freshen it up! Need a banner or yard sign? We can print that! Thinking promotional items to help "brand" your brand onto your customers? We have the resources to find just what you're looking for at VERY competitive prices. In other words, Yes, We Can Print That! We think great service along with great quality will set us apart. Our quotes are FREE, so what have you got to lose?  Give us a call or visit our website by clicking the banner below.


Yes We Can Print That


 "Here's To Your Success..." -- Jon Wittenberg 678-778-3458

Because you can't be productive if you're not healthy...

Juice Plus is a product I believe in, as I have been taking it for over 15 years.  I believe that it has helped keep me healthy, so I figure the $1.50 or so per day I spend on it is worth it.  They make it easy to order and pay for monthly if you choose and you can cancel anytime if you're not satisfied.  Click the banner below to view the research, watch a video, read all about it and even order.  If you want talk about the product or the marketing plan, feel free to call me or email - see below.   Thanks... Jon

The Road to Better Health!

  Juice Plus Bridge To Better Health

Think of it as bridging the gap between

what you DO eat and what you SHOULD eat.


A Quick Joke From Quickwitt! (a chuckle before the real-world news)

Flies In The Soup


Yes sir.

What's this?

It's your soup,sir.

Yes, but what kind?

It's bean soup, sir.

I'm not asking where it's been, I'm asking what it is now.





I believe our system of income taxation is too oriented toward control by politicians and special interests (That's why the FairTax is so vilified by those entrenched in the tax code.). It has become terribly complex and costs of compliance are exorbitant. Our nation wastes billions of dollars on compliance when those resources could be better served growing businesses. The economic explosion generated by enactment of the FairTax would produce hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of new jobs, more than offsetting any job losses by abolishing the income tax. Plus, resources would still be needed to ensure businesses complied with FairTax collection at point of sale, so not all jobs will be going away, just the justifiably vilified IRS.



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